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Best Haircuts in Wisconsin

If you look in the mirror and think, “I need to do something with my hair,” now is the time to come to HAIRitage. We are a natural hair salon in Prescott, Wisconsin. We have haircuts for anyone of any age to help you look and be your best self.


If you are unsure of what you want, our excellent stylists can help you with your vision. If you’re going to switch it up, try some highlights, new hair color, or a new trendy haircut. This winter, try one of these trending haircuts.


Layers to help frame your face. Long, sleek, barely-there layers will make your hair look healthy and beautiful. You can also do short layers for a bob or pixie cut. You can work with any of these for waves, curls, or straight to achieve your favorite look. Layers are a subtle way to enhance your haircut.


If you want something extremely trendy, try curtain bangs. They are very flattering, easy maintenance, and easy to get out of your face with a headband or clip. Another bang look is straight bangs. These draw attention to your eyes. You can add bangs to any look to add something without doing anything too dramatic. Bangs are a great way to spice up your haircut.

Men’s Haircuts

At HAIRitage, we also love to give men’s haircuts. Along with women, we know that changing your haircut can change your whole vibe.


Fades are a classic men’s cut that will look great on anyone. Depending on your face and head shape, one of our stylists can help you find the right fade length. If you want something to try, a high fade. If you want a subtle look, try a medium or low fade. From there, you can brush back or brush your hair to the side. A fade is an easy way to take your look to the next level.


If you want an effortless look, try a crop. Try a French crop. This haircut involves some fading on the sides and a bit of length on top. It is a low-maintenance haircut. A quiff is similar to a French crop, a classic, low-maintenance look that can work with any face shape! There are many different looks from this haircut that will make you look your best.

Contact HAIRitage today to learn more about some new styles for you to try!

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