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Blow Outs

If you love how voluminous, curly, bouncy, and amazing your hair looks and feels when you leave the salon, you would love a blowout. When you wash your hair it disappears. When you are at home blow drying your hair, you try to recreate the magic that the stylist did to your hair. At HAIRitage, we love blowouts because they just look amazing and really showcase your beautiful hair. Whether you want a blowout at the salon or at home, here are some tips for you below.

Blowout at the salon:

Professional blowouts are always hands down one of the best feelings a girl can have. With the weightless, effortless bounce, every girl feels like a rockstar. It looks healthy and frizz-free which is always a great bonus. It doesn’t seem so hard to achieve when the stylist does it, so why is it hard to achieve at home? Professionals have great tools, and products and have the magic touch. Below are some tips to achieve a successful at-home blowout.

Blowout at Home Steps:


When you are preparing for a blowout, make sure you have the right products and tools. The basics you need are a good quality shampoo, conditioner, and volumizing spray. Beyond that, you can use smoothing serum, leave-in conditioners or masks, or anything that will help your hair look and feel healthy and smooth. After that, you are ready for your blowout.

Blow Drying

After your hair is prepped out of the shower, apply volumizing spray at your roots. Make sure to use a heat protectant as well for an anti-frizz effect. Start by blow-drying upside down and then start working with almost damp hair when styling your blowout. When you are ready to start styling, select your round brush and start pulling and rolling the brush slowly while blow-drying. Take small sections of hair and repeat until the desired effect takes place. When you roll the brush, make sure to roll it towards you or away from you to create voluminous pieces. Make sure to use a hot setting pointing the steam of air downwards. After you are finished, blast your hair with a cool setting to make your blowout last for longer.

Pro-tip: use a blowout brush tool to make achieving a blowout easier!

Come to HAIRitage to get a blowout today!

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