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Great Hairstyles For A Job Interview

Going to a job interview can be intimidating and stressful. Planning what to wear, what to say, and what to bring can leave you forgetting ways to be confident and project yourself positively. Being yourself, feeling empowered, and exuding confidence are traits that will help you succeed. One big way is to plan a great hairstyle for your job interview!

There are so many ways to showcase who you are. If you are going for something and want to come across a certain way, your hair can perfectly showcase that personality. Below are great hairstyles for a job interview.


Try a ponytail to look serious, professional, and pretty. It sounds boring and bland, but you can style this in many ways to fit who you are. Below are some examples to tailor this to what you like.

A high sleek ponytail can make you feel elegant, beautiful, and empowered. Use a sleeking product to smooth frizz and have your hair straight. A few variations of this are a low ponytail swept to the side or a regular mid-head ponytail with waves.

Ponytails can be anything you envision. If you have short or long hair, you can do a half-up or section of the upper part of your hair using clips or small ponytails. To spice up your look a little, add cute clips, braids, or accents in any way you like.

Other Styles

If you want something more than a ponytail, try one of these.

  • One side pinned back.

  • Buns

  • Loose waves

  • Braids

There are so many variations of each of these hairstyles. Depending on how you style your clothes and makeup, there is a great way to balance your hairstyle. If you are wearing a flashier outfit, a lighter touch of makeup and a cute hairstyle can balance it out. If you wear something plain, a flashier hairstyle, and makeup, balance that out too.

For example, if you wear a bright-colored blazer, you can pair it nicely with a top knot bun and light makeup. If you wear neutral tones, take it up a notch with cute curls and an extra swipe of color in your eyeshadow. The possibilities are endless to showcase who you are and build your confidence!

Come into Hairitage for more hairstyles for a job interview inspiration!

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