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We proudly share businesses as a resource for you. We have worked with them and validate their integrity, value and customer service. 

CG Nutrition - with Kathy

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CG Nutrition provides customized, dietitian-approved meal plans combined with accountability from a Certified Nutrition Coach who will give you the tools you need to eat well for your lifestyle. We do the planning and help you stay motivated along the way, so there’s nothing standing between you and your goals!


The meal plans are simple, easy to follow, and suggest ingredients you can find at most local grocery stores. Every week, you’ll receive 3 new meal plans. Each plan includes an option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack that meets your daily caloric and macro goals. We provide the grocery list items, and you get to decide how you want to combine, cook, and season them based on your preferences.


Our meal plans are based on suggested calories and macronutrients to meet your unique goals. We offer vegetarian and vegan options but do not cater to specific diets or dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or keto. Your Coach is available for any questions and can provide resources to help guide your decisions for choosing substitutions.


CG Nutrition is available starting at $39 per month. We offer 1, 3, 6, and 12-month memberships, so you can select the plan that's best for you!

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Shelley's Social Media, LLC,  Digital Marketing

Shelley's Social Media is a company that focuses on digital marketing for small businesses. We use relevant tools and strategies proven to help your business grow and meet goals. We offer social media services, website design services, blog writing, email marketing, and one-on-one marketing consultations. 


Shelley's Social Media specializes in online presence management. When you connect with your customers/clients and fans with social media advertising and management consistently, you're creating a reliable and trustworthy brand.


Kelly Kinzer is a Cutco Sales Professional 


Cutco knives have been handed down from mothers to daughters, grandfathers to grandsons, and between friends. In doing so, The Forever Guarantee has been passed along too.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your Cutco product we’ll make it right. Whether you made the initial purchase or you received Cutco as a gift, it’s our guarantee that your Cutco products will perform like new. Forever.


Jennifer Rogness is a Neora Rep


She can help you live your best life, and would be happy to be your resource for looking, feeling, and living your best! Neora's mission to Make People Better goes far beyond their best-selling, age-fighting products, and life-changing opportunity. They know true success includes actively practicing gratitude by giving back to our communities and improving the lives of our neighbors who live there.


Kathy offers clean-crafted wine and Whole Body Beauty Wellness.


“After the loss of my husband in 2019, I took a good hard look at what was important to me. After hard work and many prayers, I was able to purchase a well-established salon in Prescott Wisconsin, to live out my lifelong dreams of being a salon owner. Now I have an organic salon thanks to my life commitment of holistic health and wellbeing I wanted to add other healthy options for my hair clients and my health coaching clients to enjoy on their life changing journeys.

Now, I am home working in 3 businesses I’m passionate about. Beauty, Holistic Health, and Wine. Where “White Rose Wellness" was created.

My passion is wellness, wine, and beauty to help others live the life they want while living the dreams they dream.

I am here to create beauty from the inside out”.

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