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Wolf Cut Hair

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

With a new year, everyone is hopping on recent trends. Wolf cuts are definitely at the top of the charts for the beginning of the year. According to TikTok and Pinterest, there are millions of views on this haircut that combines a shag and a mullet. Trend-setting women around the world are jumping on the trend. Check out some of the inspiration below!

Wolf Cut Look

This style has the best components of each haircut. The shag and mullet, which both have excellent and bad stigmas behind them, you do not have to fear. This haircut is full of beautiful layers and still has a natural look. The length has a subtle blending effect and isn't as choppy as a shag cut. It can be flattering on anyone!

Change Up Your ‘Do

A new year is a great time to switch things up. Consider the wolf cut, it will add bangs, layers, and volume to your look. This can be a massive change from a one-length cut. It is gorgeous, new, and fun. It can be fun to let it take on its own natural effects or to straighten or curl too. It is easy to volumize the shorter layers with teasing, curlers, or cute clips when styling. Texturizing sprays, gels, and other styling ideas like braids are a great way to have fun with your new haircut.

If you want to try something bold, add some color. Add some highlights, lowlights, money pieces for the bangs, dye your under layer, or add fun colors. Lately, light pinks, blues, and purples have been very trendy, even as a semi-permanent addition.

Who Should Get the Wolf Cut

When deciding whether or not to get a wolf cut, note that the ranges of hair that can work with this hairdo are quite flexible ranging from straight to curly. This shorter haircut is friendly for just about every hair texture and face shape as well. Your hairstylist will determine where to start the fringe and layers based on your head shape and hair type. From there, you can give them some input details you aspire for in factoring layers, bangs, and more. This versatile style can mix in fringe bangs, curtain bangs and adapt to how you like your hair. You can also play with length and go super sort or keep your locks longer. A bonus is that this hairdo grows out very nicely!

Come to HAIRitage to try something new!

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