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What are TikTok Hairstyle Tutorials all About?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

By now, most of us have heard about #TikTok and maybe even seen a video clip or two. Some of you are very involved on TikTok, posting videos, commenting, and keeping up with your favorite influencers. A quick search for #hairstyles on TikTok shows us that there have been 9.7B views. Thousands of videos later and we are all experts, right?

As hairstylists, we appreciate any "love" the industry gets. It is fantastic that so many people are willing to give their followers tips and tricks every day. The tutorials are endless, and some are beneficial and informative, but don’t forget all the viral hairstyles gone wrong clips too! So, don't just get sucked into the never-ending scroll of hairstyle tutorials, visit your local salon. Talk to your stylist about everything you have learned. Professional advice is a good way to avoid needing a fix when you attempt a Kool-Aid hair dye, and you need damage control.

Most Cosmetologists stay up to date on styles, trends, and techniques by taking continuing education courses. Maybe it's time for one based on TikTok trends. All kidding aside, please don't bleach your hair at home. The cost for a color correction will be more than getting it done in the salon correctly, the first time. Have you seen some of the bleach disasters on TikTok? Google that one and check it out.

The good thing about your hairstylist is that they are here for you. When you want to go red in the fall and then back to blonde in the summer, we will always help you achieve your hairstyle goals and advise you on what we think would work best for your hair type, texture, and face shape.

At HAIRitage Salon, LLC, we know our clients come to us looking for haircuts, and they expect great results. You want to not only look different when you get up from the chair, but you also want to feel different too! What you're looking for is a transformation, and we're here to provide it. You can even make a TikTok all about it!

We offer complete salon services to Prescott, WI clients, everything from the usual cut and style to bold new hair coloring for a significant change! Each one of our stylists brings their own experience and signature style to their work, which means you're always getting excellent results. We'll deliver the transformation you're looking for—one that leaves you looking and feeling like a brand-new version of yourself!

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