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Tips for Healthy Summer Hair!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

When winter arrives, we all know that we have to take extra good care of our hair to keep it healthy and beautiful. Winter will make our hair dry and brittle, so we try to take extra care of it as the weather gets colder. What about the summer season, though? Is there any specific hair care advice you should follow to keep your tresses looking healthy and beautiful in the summer? There is, of course!

At HAIRitage Salon in Prescott, we know a thing or two about hair care and how to keep your locks as healthy as possible, no matter the season! Our expertise will keep your hair looking and feeling good and feel as comfortable as possible this summer. Make your appointment before summer arrives. We would be happy to discuss the following tips and how they can maximize your hair care routine.

Wear A Hat

In the summer, covering your head with a hat or hair scarf is a great way to shield yourself from UV rays, but it can also benefit your hair! The sun can cause fading and damage to your hair. Wearing a hat or scarf is similar to putting sunscreen on your head. To further protect your hair from sun damage, use a deep conditioner with SPF in your routine.

Watch Out for Chorine

Chlorine is not nourishing for your hair. You may have heard of green hair, which is caused by too much chlorine exposure. Although we understand that you want to spend time in the pool this summer, there are a few things you can do to prepare your hair before jumping in. Dry hair is absorbent, which makes it especially susceptible to the chemicals in the pool. Rinsing your hair with water before entering the pool will greatly reduce absorption. To avoid chlorine damage, rinse your hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water once you've exited the pool.

Less Washing

This is always a must to achieve the healthiest hair possible, regardless of the season. Although you may feel compelled to wash your hair more often in the summer because your scalp appears to be oilier, you shouldn't. Washing your hair too much depletes the natural oils in your hair, causing it actually to emit MORE oil. Washing your hair as little as possible is an excellent way to keep it safe and nourished. Dry shampoos are a fantastic way to get a fresh look on those days in between washes!

Style Lightly

When it comes to hairstyles, influencers are going for loose and relaxed looks. A loose braid will help keep your hair under control and reduce sun exposure, all of which are beneficial to your hair's health. Tight hairstyles can be harmful, mainly if your hair is already dry from the summer heat. Loose buns, braids, and other hairstyles can also help you avoid using heat equipment, which is always a plus, particularly in the summer.

These tips will help you keep your hair safe and beautiful over the summer, all of which you can incorporate into your everyday routine to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. Make an appointment at HAIRitage in Prescott to have your hair trimmed or colored in time for summer!

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