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Switch Up your Haircare Routine

A hair routine can take forever to perfect, even years. If you find something particular that works, it might be hard for you to stray from your routine. There are always better products out there and new ways to take care of your hair, so it might be time for you to try something new. Below are some questions and tips you should consider when you should update your haircare routine.

How often should you change your hair care routine?

This depends on what you might change. Every few weeks you should evaluate how your hair is doing. If you start to notice that your routine is not working as well as it did when you thought that it was perfected, it could be time to take a step back and ask, should I change my routine? You can change it whenever you want. Weekly monthly, yearly, or even longer. As long as you have healthy hair that you love. If you think it's time for a change, do it.

What do I change?

It could be a cycle that you try new products when you go to the salon, find a new trend, or notice your hair needs some help with length, volume, or texture. For instance, if your hair is starting to be dry and brittle, you could reduce the temperatures of your shower, add a deep conditioner, and a heat protectant. If your volume is not what it once was, you can add some mousse, or try a different way of drying your hair. A heatless routine can save your hair from damage and there are many new products to try that can make your hair care routine easier this way too! When you are ready for a change, try researching a few products you are interested in.

What to research when starting a new hair care routine?

When you research products, there are a few important things to remember. A lot of important care items for your hair can be updated quite often. These can be items like shampoo, conditioner, treatments, masks, or oils. As for styling products, this can be done often too. When researching, it is important to find products that will work with your style of hair, has a description that will match what you are looking for, and have great reviews. If you want to try new things but do not commit to the prices for jumbo sizes that you might do when you stock up on something apart of your hair care routine, try buying a sample or travel size. This will be enough to incorporate and try before you commit.

Hairitage has great products and resources for you to find out what products will work for you. Between countless types of products from All-nutrient, Loma, and Lanza and great stylist advice, you will find something you love!

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