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Prom Season is Upon Us

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It is time to schedule your Prom hairstyle appointment with a stylist at HAIRitage salon today!

Prom is when teenage girls get dressed up for the first time if they have never been in or to a wedding or fancy event before. If they have, it has probably been since they were a flower girl or junior bridesmaid, and Prom is just as big a deal to many girls. Prom is incredibly involved. There are many components to think about when preparing for "the big day."

Proms can include dinner, or dates can choose to go out to dinner beforehand, but they always have a dance. That is where all the magical memories are made with friends!

You will want your hair to withstand those crazy cool dance moves throughout the night. Some girls may not spend much time on their hair usually, so doing it for this special day may need some professional help. That is where we come in! We can do something simple or more detailed to fit your personality and your style. Consider an updo.

An updo is where the hair is gathered or braided, and then curls are placed around a bun or braid; bobby pins are used to hold the hair in place. An updo can take a full hour to complete depending upon the length and thickness of hair and the desired style. Updos can be very casual or super fancy and range from sleek to sophisticated. Updos are always an elegant choice and perfect for Prom.

Every formal event suggests an elegant updo. Some typical updos include; Buns, knots, braids, and fancy hairstyles combining twists and curls, braids and buns, or braids and knots.

Updos can be casual with a fat French braid and a little weaving; it looks laid-back yet still formal. You could also do a simple bun and loop.

You can take any casual updo and make it look more formal and stylish with accessories, like jeweled barrettes. Updos can hold little clips and hoops, or you can go ultra-fancy and sophisticated with a tiara.

There are many different styles for medium to long-length hair and updo varieties. Check out this link with 40 options for you to look at; many are fashionable styles for 2021. Consider creating a Pinterest board for all things Prom; they always have great ideas.

Our stylists work with fine and short hair and can style any length of hair in an updo form; it just requires more effort. You can combat fine hair by creating some height in the crown with a big bouffant that is seriously teased.

Ultra-long hair can get heavy when it is all up so many times it is best to have a half updo and curls to emphasize the length.

There are many options to make your hair look elegant for Prom. Call our salon today to book a time to come in and have our skilled stylists work out an updo for your hair.

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