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Loma Hair Care at HAIRitage

At HAIRitage, we are an organic beauty salon and take great care in selecting sustainable beauty products like Loma. Loma is a fantastic product that is made in the United States and makes all of its products with care. Loma does not outsource any products and makes every product in small batches to ensure quality and purity. All Loma products are vegan and cruelty-free. Loma can help you achieve healthy, strong hair!

Shampoo and Conditioners

At HAIRitage, we love the nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Both are paraben-free and do not have sulfates, gluten, or soy. The shampoo is safe for colored hair and works great at rehydrating dry brittle hair. It is good for all hair types and provides a deep condition while cleansing. The shampoo helps control frizz and preserve color. As for the conditioner, it is equally as luxurious and also has great nourishing and hydrating qualities! For added hydration try the Deep conditioner. You can get these in variable sizes too, up to a gallon.


For styling products, Loma has many great picks. There are many cremes, hairsprays, dry shampoos, and molding foams. All of these are great for a multitude of hair types and styles. If you want to define your curls, try the curvy creme. If you’re needing to smooth frizz, calming creme can help detangle, nourish, and tame your frizz. For added texture, try using some dry shampoo and volumizing foam for added volume. For defining your look, try Firm Hold Gel or Loma’s Texture and Finish Spray. Loma has a product for every look you are looking to achieve!


Loma has amazingly unique organic hair treatments. All of these options are repairing, hydrating, and nourishing. Some to consider are the Deep Conditioner, Nourishing Oil Treatment, and Fortifying Reparative Tonic. The Oil Treatment is a great product that protects and speeds drying time. It is shiny and repairs your hair surface, making your hair less frizzy. It has thermal protection up to 450 degrees. The Fortifying Reparative Tonic styles and protects the hair from the inside. It has a silky shiny feel and prevents color fading.

HAIRitage is an Organic Hair Care Salon because we care how you look and feel.

At HAIRitge, we know hair best. We pick our products with care and make sure they have the best ingredients and results. We have recommendations for any hair type and style. Come in or contact us today to find out more about what products will work best for you.

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