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Hair Extension Hacks

Everyone wonders what it would be like to change up their style completely. When you have short hair, it might be hard to imagine what your hair would look like longer. Hair extensions are an instant fix for that. If you are considering a change, hair extensions might be a solution for you and there are many types of extensions to achieve the vision you have in mind. We have some perfect hacks to help you with hair extensions.

hair extension

Beautiful Length with No Damage

If you want hair extensions for length, they are many great options. If you want really long hair but your hair just isn’t making it to the length you want, this is a great opportunity to try hair extensions. There are so many options for hair extension types, especially ones that won’t cause any damage to your hair. There are alternatives to hair extensions like tape-ins, sew-ins and bonding style extensions that cause damage and might stunt growth. Thankfully, there are newer styles that are clip-in, that look amazing and will help you achieve that long look in minutes!


An easy hack for thicker hair is extensions. There are hair extension brands out there that understand and focus on hair loss, fine hair and make options to help those looking to improve these conditions feel confident. These look blended, natural, and provide confidence.


Although you might wonder how to style hair extensions, it is easier than you think. Previously worn styles like braids or buns will be taken to the next level with fullness, length, and volume. Your new hair won't look bumpy, be hard to style or look unnatural once you get the hang of it. You can accessorize, put your hair in a lengthy ponytail, and style your hair in so many new ways. Updos also become more vibrant with the volume and beauty that hair extensions bring.

For special occasions, hair extensions could be what you need to make your special day or event more elegant, beautiful and make your hair dreams come true. There is nothing better than feeling your best and not worrying about the effort of trying to look your best because the extensions will help you feel confident and beautiful.


Depending on the look you are going for, different extensions have different colors to match the vibe you want to achieve. Some can ombre towards the bottom to give you a sun-kissed look. This can make your hair look more dimensional and help the extra length look more dimensional.

Come to HAIRitage to talk hair extensions today!

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