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Fall Hair Trends 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What hairstyle will you be wearing this fall? Now that the holidays are coming up now may be the perfect time for you to change up your look to something trendy, fun, and beautiful for the holidays. Between color, cuts, and hairdos, HAIRitage can help you find the best trendy look for your fall hairstyle.


This is a very cute hairstyle and an easy effortless go-to fall style. This hairdo has been trending for a while and is one of the top trends for this fall, especially for the holidays. When picking this hairstyle, you can opt for a longer bob that can be a length below the shoulder or shorter. Either way, it is a classic look that can be perfectly face-framing and HAIRitage can help you achieve this great look tailored to your look.

Straight hair:

Straightened locks are a great hairstyle for anyone. Super straight hair is an easy look that does not require much time. A great way to achieve this look is with a round brush and blow dryer or a hair flat iron straightener. This look can be for anyone, with short, medium, or long hair. If you want to try something new, go for extensions for extra long straight hair.


A cute hairstyle to try is a topknot, a cute swept-back bun, a low bun, or space buns. The bun hairdos have endless possibilities and are a very cute way to wear your hair in color months to help you accessorize with sweaters, cardigans, and long sleeves. Buns are a great way to help you accentuate any features you like. You can texture, add braids, leave out pieces for face-framing or have a messy bun. Add cute scrunchies, clips, or pins to help you achieve the look you like.


A few color trends to consider are framing money piece highlights, peekaboo hair color, a cute trendy balayage, or lowlights. All of these hair color styles are a great way to express yourself with pastel colors, vibrant colors, or different shades of an autumn palette to add dimension to your hair.

Come to HAIRitage today to get a cut, color, or learn some new hairstyles. We are hair experts and would love to help you achieve the best trending fall hair trends in 2021. Along with trends, check out our products that can also help you achieve your hair goals. Contact us today!

🍂 Happy Fall! 🍁

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