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Easy Hair Inspiration

When you are running late to work, not feeling up to style your hair, or out of ideas, hair can be challenging. From short hair to long locks, your hair ready doesn’t have to be a hard task. All you need is some easy hair inspiration and you will be good to go.

If you haven’t tried some of these hairdos, it might take you a few minutes but it could be worse right? Time to tame your bedhead and look cute with minimal effort!

Pony Tails:

This might be one of the easiest looks to accomplish. One of the easiest updos is a sleek ponytail. Brush your hair back and make sure that it is knot-free. Next, dampen your hair with your hands or a wet brush. Work some styling gel in your hands and start slicking back your hair. Use some hair spray and spritz. Now start brushing your hair with a brittle brush. This will help it lay flat with no bumps. Put in your ponytail and you are set!

More ideas for a ponytail with a cute clip, ponytail, or scrunchie:

  • half-up style

  • Messy ponytail

  • Add some volume with a few texture products and teasing!


This is an easy way to take your hair from drab to fun and cute. A few styles to try are a french braid ponytail, a braided headband, messy braid with a half pony, and braid buns. With different types of braids and combinations, the possibilities are endless. You can show your creative side and have a great hair day with braids. The easiest way to learn these is with a visual, so check out this Pinterest braid easy hair inspiration!

Buns: Buns are made for bad hair days, running late, or days you don’t know what to do with your hair. The possibilities are endless with buns whether it is a sleek high tight bun or a low messy bun. More bun ideas:

  • Half updo with a messy bun or knot

  • A cute pulled up high messy bun

  • Space buns

Accessories: Accessories such as a scarf, bandana, clips, and more can be your best friend on days you need easy hair inspiration. You can use a bandana as a headband or cover your head with a bandana. If you are wearing your hair down or back, you can add cute barrettes to keep your hair pulled back and add a bit of sparkle or color. Add a headband or oversized scrunchie to make your style even more emphasized!

As you can see, hair doesn't have to be a challenge every day. There is endless easy hair inspiration that does not take long at all. Every day can be a great hair day, especially at HAIRitage!

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