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Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wavy Bob

This is a classic hairstyle that will look good dressed up or down. To start, curl two inch sections away from your face. If you like, spray hairspray onto the curls once cooled. To have a more relaxed look, flip your head over and flip your hair back over and tousle your hair some. This look is great for any time of the year and can be dressed up or down with clips, pins, or headbands. A wavy bob is a great choice for an easy effortless look. If you need help with products to help you achieve this look, HAIRitage has the best recommendations for tools and products.

Half-Up Do

Half up do’s are a great stylish way to level up your hairstyle. Start by styling your hair straight or curly. Then section out the amount of hair you would like to take up. When deciding this, you may want to decide if you are doing a pony tail, bun, or braid. Also, you can decide if you are using a rubber band for a bun or ponytail, a scrunchie, or a clip. This can all change the way this hairstyle looks and give you a great chance to wear this style many ways and express yourself differently. For this look, you can do different styles of buns, a pony tail, braid, or other styles. When doing this, you can choose to make your look a little more messy and leave out some face framing strands, or slick your hair back into place. Come to see us at HAIRitage today to let us help you achieve a perfect style.

Chic Low Ponytail

For this look, it can also be a casual flirty look or can be dressed up or down. For this style, you will want to style your hair while it is still damp. Keep a few pieces of face framing hair and use gel to start pulling the other strands out of the way towards a low ponytail. Take a small piece of hair at the base of your ponytail to wrap around and hide the rubber band. This creates a chic look that can work for any occasion.

Hairstyling at HAIRitage

We can help you achieve your hair goals, whether it is showing you new cute styles that work for your hairstyle and more. We also have great recommendations for styling products such as elastics, gels, hairsprays, heat protectants, and more. Along with that, we can help you find the correct products to help you achieve the best looking hair using the right shampoo and conditioner. Come and see us at HAIRitage today!

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