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Best Hair Tools for Professional Results

If you ever get tired of your beauty and hair routine, it might be time to change up the way you do things. Trying new products and ways of styling is always a good start. It can save you time and effort and leave you looking better than ever! Below are some of the best hair tools of 2022.

Hot Air Blowout Brushes

This is a favorite tool of many stylists because it acts as a hairdryer as well as a styling tool. It adds volume and saves time so that you do not have to dry your hair and then style it. This can also save your hair from heat damage. To style, spray some heat protectant and any other styling products you prefer, then brush through your hair. Twisting it will give you volume and a beautiful shiny blowout look. Due to many products and brands out there, there is one with great value that can meet any budget and that is also another reason to why it is one of the best hair tools!

Dyson Airwrap

As one of the options that has gained huge traction and popularity this year, the Dyson airwrap is one of the best hair tools. It is a bit on the pricier side but is worth the money in the eyes of many. This is a heatless way to style your hair. With all of the attachments included, you can wave, curl, and dry your hair effortlessly and quickly. Due to the many different ways to style with this tool, you can achieve so many looks like curls, waves, and blowouts. The big bonus with the air wrap is that it will not cause damage to your hair, so if you style your hair often, you will find that this tool will appear to give you volume and shiny healthy hair!


Although not entirely a new tool, wavers are still one of the best tools. A jumbo waver is like a hair crimper but gives you beachy wave hair. It is an easy fun way to show off your personality and brings a lot of new styles to the table that you can’t achieve with any other tool. For minimal cost, it is easy to add to your hair tool collection!

If you have any questions about trying new styling tools or recommendations, HAIRitage has great advice. Come to us to figure out the best hair tools for you!

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